Indian Woods 1821

       It is something to note that CHIEF Samuel Smith died at his home at Caesar's Island, Indian Woods Reservation in 1803. It is ironic that there are still Smiths listed there on tax lists up to this study of the 1821 tax listing of the area. He was surrounded by his Tuscarora people in 1803 and they were still there in 1821. He represented the Tuscarora Nation in signing a treaty in 1803 with the US government that was never ratified by congress, bait and switch methodology. 

       The Tuscarora became individual land owners prior to the 1803 treaty, but definitely had to do so following the failed treaty, and to reinforce the idea, the Tuscarora from up north made motions that sealed the doom of the Tuscarora families left behind. A lawyer that represented the Tuscarora was a Jeremiah Slade, of Martin County.

       Much of this land in the following tax list is within the boundaries of the Indian Woods Reservation. This entry for William Pugh shows specifically a portion of land in Indian Woods, which I believe is a section of the Indian Woods Reservation. The Slade mentioned are from the same Martin county Slade that the lawyer for the New York Tuscarora hired. 

King George for Wm PUGH 1 tract 387ac joins Charly KINGS heirs

Ebenezer SLADE heirs for Wm PUGH 1 tract  200ac  in Indian Woods
William G. SLADE        1 free pole   1  slave

    Incidentally, everyone of these Pugh are descendants of Captain John Savage and Mary Robbins. Thomas Savage, father of John, was left as a boy with the Powhantan to learn their language and was an interpreter for the rest of his life. Mary was the daughter of Obedience Robbins and my cousins.       

Titus MOORE 1 tract 1205ac joins Thos. THOMSON's 15 slaves

      Titus Moore is likely a descendant of Epaphroditus Benton "Bainton", the woodsman of record that had a concubine at 60 that was ordered into court for fornication. Charges were dropped because having an Indian wife was not considered fornication under the law. Titus is a common name in my Benton and Moore family. My John Moore moved from Bertie county to Johnston county where his neighbors were the Gardner, the Powell, and the Bryant all of Bertie county. John Moore's will was written by Needham Bryan Jr. as it was given "verbilly". 

       This Hezekiah and Thomas Thompson are from Mary Whitmell Thompson who married Hezekiah Thompson and was the sister of Thomas Whitmell. Thomas Whitmell was named the richest in the neighborhood of Tuscarora where he lived. Tom Whitmell and Lewis Whitmell signed a petition as Tuscarora men. 

Hezekiah THOMPSON Estate by Thoms. 2 tracts 1750ac 22 slaves
1 tract 615ac in Uneroy Marshes
1 tract 115ac join Thoms. THOMPSON et al?
1 tract 100ac Roanoak River
1 tract 200ac in Roquiss Pocoson

Wm. THOMPSON Estate by Thoms. 4 tracts 1030ac Rocoquis Pocoson
1 tract 1222ac in Uneroy Marshes
1 tract 220ac in Uneroy Marshes
1 tract 115ac on Road to Antony's Ferry
1 tract 120ac in Piney Woods
1 tract ??ac in Piney Woods
1 tract 500ac in Indian Woods

Thomas THOMPSON 6 tracts 25 slaves
1 tract 160ac in Indian Woods
1 tract 376ac on Village Swamp
1 tract 150ac in Uneroy Marshes
1 tract 250ac Turners and Road
1 tract 40ac on Flag Run
Bertie  COUNTY  NC  TaxLists  1821  Capt Jesse Averitt's Dist partial

Copyright.  All rights reserved.

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Cathy Farris

These pages are not the complete roll of film, just a section...cathy

"Transcript of the Lists of Taxable property in
Capt. Jesse AVERITT's Dist.  1821  This is one of
the scarce land owner identification mentioned
within the hand written tax lists...cathy

The column heads are labeled as follows:
Persons names ? Tracts no. ? in cash  Local Situation Lands  Total no. of tracts
total no. of acres Valuation of each tract  Total Valuation  Free poll   slaves  can't read the rest.

Caroline ANTHONY        1 tract 120ac   In Uneroy Marshes 1500.  1 free poll

Joel ADKINSON   1 free pole
                        1 tract  80ac joins Silas SMITH  value 3.00
                        1 tract  266ac joins Saml. WILLIAMS   15.00
                        1 tract  490ac  joins Peyton R. TUNSTAL    8.00
                        1 tract  240ac joins Titus MOORE       4.00  
                        1 tract  240ac  joins Wm. PUGH    6.00
                        1 tract  200ac  joins Noah B. HINTON     .50 

Jesse AVERITT   6 tracts   1516 total acres  value 13650   1 free poll  24 slaves
                        1 tract  376ac  on Rocquis      2.50
                        1 tract 216ac  on Cashie        2.50
                        1 tract  800ac  joins Asa BOONES   2.55

Baliss H. BOND  3 tracts 1392ac  3480 value  1 free poll   4 slaves

George BUTTER   1 free poll
Benjamin BARTLETT       1 tract  65ac   In Indian Woods  1 tract  65ac  2.50 2 slaves

Simmson J. BAKER        1 tract  600ac  On Roanoke River  3000.  7 slaves
                        1 tract  428ac joins John YOUNG    3.00
                        1 tract    94ac in Rooneroy Marshes   16.00

John W. COLE    2 tracts 522ac  2788.00  5 slaves

Penny L ? CHAMBERLAIN 1 tract  65ac In Indian Woods
Sally CHAMBERLAIN         1 tract  65ac In Indian Woods
                                               1 tract 500ac in Broad Neck
                                 1 tract 900ac in? Sarah Walker

Wm. M. CLARK    1 tract  1365ac on Rocquist Swamp
Ira COFIELD             1 free pole

Willis DEANS            1 free pole
Patience DUKIS  1 tract  44ac  joins Wm VEAL
Drewry DAUGHTRY         1 free pole   1 slave
Cyrus DILLIARD  1 tract  149ac in Rooneroy Marsh  1500.
John DEVEREAUX   1 tract 3272ac on Roanoake River   32700.   84 slaves
Rachael FLOYD             2 slaves
                        1 tract 416ac   in Uneroy Marshes
                        1 tract  100ac joins Thom? THOMPSON
James GORDON    2 tracts  516ac     4544.    19 slaves
Katharine GRIMES        1 tract  183ac  joins Balis H. BOND  ?   3 slaves
James GRIMES orphan   1 tract 367ac on Cashie Swamp  1101.
William HOUSE   1 tract  216ac In Uneroy Marshes   1790.
Thom. B. HILL heirs   1 tract  1250ac in Uneroy Marshes   15200.   34 slaves
John HODGES     1 tract  631ac on Cashie Swamp   2877.  7 slaves
Judith HIGGS            1 tract  55ac     joins Thom? THOMPSON   3 slaves
Jesse HODGES    1 free pole
                        1 tract 681ac in Uneroy Marshes
                        1 tract 150ac    "  "           '
                        1 tract 500ac in Indian Woods
                        1 tract 200ac in Rocquis Pocoson
Noah B. HINTON  4 tracts  1589ac   1 free pole    38 slaves
                        1 tract  150ac near Hotell
                        1 tract  260ac in Uneroy Marshes    1200.
                        1 tract 110ac   "       "       "

Mary JOHNSTON   3 tract  525ac   4904.    11 slaves
Joseph JENKINS  1 free pole
                        1 tract  320ac  on Cashie Swamp
                        1 tract  100ac  on Alligator Marsh  (old Needham Bryan lived here)
                                                                        (ca (cathy)
James JORDAN    2 tract 420ac      6 slaves

Sam'l W. JOHNSTON Estate  1 tract 1950ac  5450.    10 slaves
King George for Wm PUGH   1 tract  387ac joins Charly KINGS heirs

Levy KENNEDY    1 free person
John S. LANCASTER  1 tract  1609ac
Lemuel LINTON   1 tract  54ac  Thos THOMPSON
Henry LEE               1 tract 676ac in Cashie Swamp   1 free   6 slaves
Titus MOORE             1 tract  1205ac joins Thos. THOMSON's    15 slaves
Henry MITCHELL  1 free    1 slave
Joshua PAGE             1 free
William POWELL ??       1 tract 1219ac  Lewis WILLIAMS ?
                        1 tract  250ac in Indian Woods
                        1 tract  165ac  on Cashie Swamp
                        1 tract  281ac joins John HODGES
                        1 tract  130ac  joins Cader POWELL?

Jesse POWELL    4 tracts  756ac   3578.  1 free  8 slaves
Meredith PAGE   1 free
Thom. PAGE and?         1 tract 1200ac  in Indian Woods
                        1 tract 575ac on Cashiah Creek
                        1 tract  1774ac  In Indian Woods
John PUGH ? heirs ?     2 tract  1749ac   6971.
                        1 tract  1200ac  in Pell Mell
                        1 tract  317ac  in Uneroy Marshes
                        1 tract  50?ac  joins Jesse AVERITT
                        1 tract  280ac joins Obit? WOOD
Whitmell PUGH ??        4 tracts  1847ac
                        1 tract  1350ac  joins Joseph P. PUGH
                        1 tract  20ac  joins  Jesse AVERITT
                        1 tract  40ac joins Silas SMITH
                        1 tract  35ac  joins John YOUNG

William PUGH    5 tracts  1715ac   15460.  1 free  34 slaves
E? D? RHODES    1 tract  6ac  Woodville   1 free  5 slaves
Thomas RUFFIN   1 tract  334ac  joins John MURDOCK?   1 free  1 slaves
                        1 tract  620ac  joins Saml. W. JOHNSTON'S heirs
                        1 tract  200ac in Roquiss Pocoson
                        1 tract 503ac  joins Jos. GILLHAN?

John RUFFIN             3 tracts 19321ac    1 free   15 slaves

Richard G. ROWLINGS   1 free pole
Henry SMITH             1 tract 200ac  joins Silas SMITH   1 free   2 slaves

Ebenezer SLADE heirs for Wm PUGH 1 tract  200ac  in Indian Woods
William G. SLADE        1 free pole   1  slave

William B. SPIVEY       1 tract  94ac  joins Silas SMITH  value 600.  1 slave
                        1 tract 180ac joins John ROBBINS
                        1 tract 429ac joins Jesse AVERITT
                        1 tract 90ac joins Jesse EASON

Silas SMITH             3 tracts 699ac  value 2595   7 slaves
                        1 tract 103ac joins Silas? SMITH
                        1 tract 361?ac  joins Silas SMITH... same location as above..cathy
                        1 tract  50ac joins John COLE
                        1 tract 30ac  joins John COLE

Abraham SMITH   4 tracts  424ac   value 1914.    1 free pole
Mary SHARROCK   1 tract 500ac on Wattom Swamp  value  1250   2 slaves

Payton  R. TUNSTALL  1 tract 950ac joins Jesse AVERITT    20 slaves
Doctor THORN by Wm. PUGH         1 tract  542ac on Alligator Marsh
                                         1 tract 1250ac on Indian Creek
                                         1 tract 500ac join Wm. PUGH et al?
Hezekiah THOMPSON Estate by Thoms.  2 tracts 1750ac   22 slaves
                                                1 tract 615ac in Uneroy Marshes
                                                1 tract 115ac join Thoms. THOMPSON et al?
                                                1 tract 100ac Roanoak River
                                                1 tract 200ac in Roquiss Pocoson
Wm. THOMPSON Estate by Thoms.  4 tracts 1030ac Rocoquis Pocoson
                                                  1 tract 1222ac  in Uneroy Marshes
                                           1 tract 220ac in Uneroy Marshes
                                           1 tract 115ac on Road to Antony's Ferry
                                              1 tract 120ac in Piney Woods
                                          1 tract ??ac  in Piney Woods
                                          1 tract  500ac in Indian Woods

Thomas THOMPSON                 6 tracts   25 slaves
                                        1 tract 160ac in Indian Woods
                                        1 tract 376ac on Village Swamp
                                        1 tract 150ac in Uneroy Marshes
                                        1 tract  250ac Turners and Road
                                        1 tract 40ac on Flag Run

Simon TURNER                    5 tracts  470ac  1 free person

Benjamin VICK                   1 free   1 slave
Thomas VEALE                    1 free   1 slave
                                        1 tract 300ac  joins John RUFFIN
Elizabeth VEALE                 2 tracts 458ac           8 slaves
                                        1 tract 460ac join Richard VEALES heirs
                                        1 tract 523ac   ""    "         "
                                        1 tract 08 ac  "        "          "
                                        1 tract  40ac in Rocquis Pocoson

William VEALE                   4 tracts 561ac
                                        1 tract 383ac joins Wm. VEALE et als
                                        1 tract 398ac  "       "        "
                                        1 tract 108ac  joins Silas SMITH and all
                                        1 tract  100ac  in Rocquiss Pocoson

Richard VEALE Estate by Jno ?   4 tracts 989ac
James WATTOM    1 free pole     4 slaves
                        1 tract  500ac  joins Misha Boumon et al?
                        1 tract  52ac joins Mary SHARRACK
                        1 tract  44ac  joins Ester YOUNG
                        1 tract  16ac  joins James WILKES?
Henry WILKES    4 tracts  592ac  1 free

Frederick WIMBERLY              1 free
Lawrence B. WIGGINS  1 tract  442ac on Roanoake       5304  1 free  9 slaves
Mason? L. WIGGINS               1 tract  300ac  on Roanoke  3600            8  "
 (Moses?)                                1  2230 In Unuroy Marshes
                                1   1782  In Indian Woods
                                1   785  joins Wm. PUGH & als
                                1   1352  near Conrist
                                1    400  in Chowan???
                                1    1400  Bartley's Back land?
                                1  1112  Green pond

William WILLIAMS                        7  9058ac    48912   1 free  54 slaves
                                1   1435  Jos. J WILLIAMS & als
                                1  420     Jos  J. WILLILAMS & als
                                1  375     Cotten POWELL's heirs

Lewis A. WILLIAMS               3    2225     15280      31 slaves
                                1  951   Lewis A. WILLIAMS & als
                                1 500  Thoms. THOMPSON

Samuel WILLIAMS         2   1451   18363.00    23 slaves
John YOUNG                      1  770  on Cashie Swamp   1   770    3130.   11 slaves

        The following failed to give in their lists and their lands ?  ?  by William PUGH who was appointed for that purpose  ?  other Taxable property is put down ? my to the best information of was on my power to collect -

William BRYAN                      1 free  1 slave

James BUTLER               1 free

Cone  ??                        1  294   Henry SMITH & als   1  294   794.50

Sarah CHURCHWELL        1   45    Jess AVERITT            1     45    180.00
Betsey & Nancy CHURCHWELL  1  45    Jesse AVERITT     1    45    133.00
John GRIFFIN            1   600  on Roanoke             1    600    4   2400.
Dicey HOLLOWELL                            2 slaves
Samuel HAUGHTON         1   294    on Roanoke
Aquilla HYMAN           1 free
Henry HYMAN             1 free
Edward MCCASKEY         1    100    on Roanoke
Thomas MARK             1   640    on Roanoke
Elizabeth SMITH         2 slaves
Sarah WIMBERLY          1   90
Lewis WIMBERLY          1 free
William W. WILLIAMS     11 slaves
Joseph John WILLIAMS    1     1160     Lewis A. WILLIAMS

        All which is most respectfully submitted  ...can't read the signed name

The Wife of Paul Bunch, elder that died 1726 Bertie County

A common mistake I have come across on the internet is that this elder Paul Bunch was married to an Amy Winigum of Orangeburg, SC about the year 1748. I have not looked for a marriage certificate for this marriage but I am sure it is true that Amy Winigum did marry a man named Paul Bunch. The problem is that people on the internet tend to change dates to try to make things fit, which is not a good practice.

In the will of Paul Bunch dated November of 1726, he left his land and 8 slaves to his son John and to Fortune Holdbee and her daughters Keziah and Jemima. Elizabeth Bunch (no relationship stated) and his daughter Russell received only one shilling each. He did not mention a wife nor did he mention his relationship to Fortune Holdbee. She may have been his common-law wife since he gave her one slave as long as she remained single. But this is a general assumption by many but I think she was the wife of a deceased son.

It is obvious that Paul did not mention all of his children in his will. i.e. Paul Bunch Jr. who went to Orangeburg, SC. And who is likely the husband of Amy Naomi Winigum. Another child that directly affects me is that of Susannah Bunch. But, her husband Thomas Holder/Holderbee was mentioned. At the time of the will writting, they were living in Norfolk, Virginia as neighbors to the Bass and William Lovinia, who moved to Bertie with the Holders.

Another common mistake found in peoples work on the internet is that this Susannah Bunch, not mentioned in Paul Bunch’s will, was the daughter of Henry Bunch and the wife of Lazarus Summerlin. See my blog on The Two Sussanahs.


WILL OF PAUL BUNCH “In the name of God Amen, I Paul Bunch this 16th Day of November 1726-being of sound mind and perfect memory do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament revoking all other Wills and Testaments by me dame in Manner and Form following Imprimis I bequeath my sole into the hands of God that gave it and my body to the Earth from whence it sprung trusting in the merrits of my only Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to receive a joyfull Resurrection and as to what Estate it hat pleased God to bless me with in this World after my funeral charges and my Debt paid I give and dispose of in this manner following. I give a bequeath unto my son John Bunch that part of this land I now live on which he now lives on unto the line of marked trees right up and down as it is marked to him and his heirs of his Body lawfully begotten and further I give and unto my son John Bunch one Negro fellow named Dick to him and his Heirs of his Body lawfully begotten and I give one Iron Pott unto my son John Bunch and likewise I give and bequeath unto Fortune Holdbee this plantation that I now live on with all the lands that belongeth to the plantation unto John Bunches line to her during her life and then to fall unto Coziah [Kesiah] Holdbee and Jmiah [Jemima] Holdbee to be equally devided between them two sisters and if these two children die without heirs lawfully begotton of them to fall unto John Bunch and likewise I give and bequeath unto Fortune Holdbee two feather beds and half the household good and the other half of the household goods to Joseph Mecham and one half of my stock to Fortune Holdbee and the other half of my stock to Joseph Mecham only two cows and calfs first to be taken out of the stock and given unto Thomas Holder and then the rest of my stock to be equally divided between Fortune Holdbee and Joseph Mecham and likewise I give and bequeath unto Fortune Holdbee one Negro named Frank for her and her heirs as long as she lives single and likewise my will is the Negro fellow named Daw to be between Fortune Holdbee and Joseph Mecham to help and — one as much as the other in all his service and likewise I give and bequeath unto Coziah Holdbee one Mullatto wench named Pegg to her and her heirs of her body lawfully and in the care of her mother until Coziah comes to the age of eighteen years of married and likewise I give and bequeath unto Jmiah Holdbee one Negro girl named Betty to her and her heirs of her body lawfully begotten and in the care of her mother until Jmiah comes of age eighteen years ormarried and likewise I give and bequeath unto Joseph Mecham one Negro Wench named Moll and her child Fortune and one Negro Wench Roses and all my lands that I have over Roanoke River belonging to that plantation that I bought of Thomas Wilkens and one survey of land only 100 acres to Thomas Holdbee and likewise I give and bequeath unto John Bunch one Buchaneer Gun and lastly my will is that I appoint Joseph Mecham and Fortune Holdbee to be my Executors of this my last Will and Testament and my two Executors to receive all my Debts and pay all my Debts and what is coming after Debts paid to be equally devided between Joseph Mecham and Fortune Holdbee only I give Elizabeth Bunch one shilling sterling and my daughter Russell I give one shilling sterling this I appoint my last Will and Testament

As Witness my Hand and

Seal this 16th day of

November 1726- Paul Bunch

{Seal}~ ” Testes.

Andrew Ireland

John E. Collon [Collins or Cotton]

Henry Irby


An Eno-Occoneechee petetion for recognition by the state of North Carolina gave Saponi Indians Jeramiah Bunch (s/o Henry Bunch born about 1690), George Gibson, and Henry Bunch, also s/o Henry, land grants in 1785 along the Eno River just east of Hillsboro, North Carolina. There were also two Holder cousins there with them as identified in tax lists prior to the land grants in Orange county. The Holder were not recognized as Saponi, in fact, no other Bunch is accepted as Saponi by the Eno-Occoneechee due to the fact that they do not know who the mother of all his children were. They also assume Paul Bunch was half black due to the very assumptive and very wrong work of ancestry.

As far as the circumstantial evidences, the most likely wife of Paul Bunch, the Native American elder, was one of the Gibson women. Jack Goins had speculated that the relationship of the Saponi Gibsons to the Bunch was that of cousins. That can also be a possibility if if Paul’s mother was a Gibson. Either way it had been agreed that the Gibson and Bunch were indeed kin, and in either scenario, the Bunch offspring of Paul Bunch were all Saopni.


Bennett tracking

John Bennet purchase from John Pirce_LI

1798 John Bennett from Martin county purchased 200 acres from John Pirce, neighbor witness Nathaniel Bevens.

John Bennett and John Pearce

1798 John Bennett gets a grant of three hundred acres next to the land he purchased from John Pearce on Richardson’s Creek.

John Bennett near Bibby

1798 John Bennett receives a grant for 100 acres on Richardson’s Creek connecting to Nathaniel Bibby”s (Biven’s) and John Martin’s line.

John Bennett on Meadow Branch, Bivens witness

1800 John Bennett purchases 250 acres with Bivens and Martin witnesses.

Martin to John Bennett

1800 John Martin sells 150 acres to John Bennett connecting to Nathaniel Bivens.

Noah Bennett witness Deed for John Jr. page 2_LI

1821 John Bennett sells 175 acres on Richardson’s Creek in 1821 that connects to John Pearce and his son Noah Bennett witnesses. Three of Noah’s siblings married Pearce.

Swain to William Bennett_LI

1801 William Bennett, a planter from Martin county, purchased 50 acres on Richardson’s Creek. Probably the son of William Bennett and Sarah Wheatly that later moved to Kershaw, SC. His sister Mary Bennett married a Griffen. William Bennett of Kershaw also had a brother named Joel Edgar Bennett. This family ended up in Hall, Georgia.

With clear indications that William and John Bennett were from Martin County, it begs the question; How are they related, if they are? It seems that the William Bennett from Martin county, whose died in Kershaw, SC 1817, is a nephew to the John Bennett in the record. This uncle John B. Hiram Bennett came to Anson county from Martin before William did, or before he was able to buy land. That is my take on it.

John to Thomas Bennett_LI (2)

I wondered who the heck was David Bennett here with John and Thomas until I saw the account below showing David, Sarah and Noah Bennett receiving money from the estate of John B. Hiram Bennett during probate of his estate. Obvious now it was an unknown son, kind of like my Joel was also unknown to a lot of the Bennett.

Probate records of John Hiram Bennett

David Bennett getting money from his father’s probate.

Hezekiah Bennett in John's probate

Hezekiah Bennett involved in the probate of John B. Hiram Bennett’s estate.

Bennett heirs

Property list 1

Bennett family tree

So this is how my tree looks right now. The John Bennett born about 1740 was the brother of William Bennett that married Sarah Wheatley. The Sarah Clark is uncertain. This family is found at with details of their lives in Martin, Tyrrell, and Perquimans County.

Armstrong, Huntley, Ashcraft, Alsobrook, Broom, Majors

Four names that are easily tied to the Bennett.

Huntlet to Armstrong

This Richard Armstrong married Martha Patsy Huntley, the parents of Lively Armstrong who married Noah Bennett. The witness at the bottom of the page is John Ashcraft and he was married to Sary Sally Huntley. Their daughter Jane Ashcraft married Joel Bennett of Fayette county, Alabama, who had also been in Monroe County, Mississippi. My ancestor was their son William F. Bennett born in Fayette County in 1850.

Huntley to Alsobrooks

Thomas Huntley Jr. married Jane Alsobrook. Their daughters were Martha Patsy Huntley Armstrong and Sary Sally Huntley Ashcraft. There are two Alsobrook men on this document that could be Jane’s brothers or uncles. I have Abraham Alsobrook as her father in my tree with his wife as Pheobe Mastin/Marston.

In the mid 1820s, according to the family tradition, Chief George COLBERT of the Chickasaws offered Lunsford ASOBROOK “one of his four barrels of silver” if he would marry one of his daughters. According to Nina LEFTWICH’s book on the history of Colbert County, Alabama:

“There is in the ALSOBROOK family today a silver medal which George COLBERT gave to Lunsford ALSOBROOK as a token of esteem and friendship which he felt for him when the spirited daughter of the old chief refused to accept the attentions and proposal of Mr. ALSOBROOK, prompted as she thought by the offer of her father. The medal was presented to COLBERT by President JEFFERSON in 1801 as a mark of appreciation for services rendered by the Chief.(11)”

If the Alsobrook came to Monroe Co, Mississippi Chickasaw territory with the rest of our family, this Lemuel Alsobrook could be kin to our Jane Alsobrook Huntley.

Range T12S R17W


(Includes the community of Parham and the extinct communities of Walls Tan Yard, Jonesboro, and Bristow)

Extracted from gloRecords and Indexed by W.T. THORNTON

January 29, 2007

Alphabetized by surname And enumerated by Section Number

ARMSTRONG, William, 33
ASHCRAFT, Joel, 14
ASHCRAFT, Joel, 15
AUSBORN, Mattie, 20

BALDWIN, Richard, 31
BENNETT, Hezekiah, 27
BENNETT, John, 10
BENNETT, John, 11
BENNETT, John, 18
BENNETT, Noah, 15
BENNETT, William, 10
BENNETT, William, 11
BENNETT, William, 14
BENNETT, William, 15

BROOM, John, 10

MAGERS, Ausburn, 11
MAGERS, Ausburn, 12
MAJORS, Mary, 13

PEARCE, Aaron, 10
PEARCE, Hollat, 1
PEARCE, Isaac, 11
PEARCE, James, 12
PEARCE, Walsay, 12
PEARCE, William, 1
PEARCE, William, 10
PEARCE, William, 28
PEARSE, Ebenezer, 28
PEARSE, Ebenezer, 33
PERKINS, James, 18
PIERCE, Ebebezerm 33
PIERCE, William, 26

Here is a plot map found of Range T12S R17W

Plot map 2

Plot map 1

Here I zoomed in to highlight a bunch of familiar names. My 3rd great grandfather William Bennett, son of Joel Bennett and Jane Ashcraft, married Mary Harmon. Her mother Jane Harmon, daughter of Gideon Harmon and possibly Mary Majors, had two children that had her maiden name, Mary and John Harmon. She later married James T. Smith, parcels 6 and 7 above. It wasn’t till recently through DNA we discovered their father was a Towery. Mary Harmon (Towery) Bennett reported in the Yell County, Arkansas census of 1900 that her father was born in Indian territory.

**Correction: Mary Majors, Osborn’s daughter, may have married James Bennett.

Gideon Harmon was the son of William or Israel Harmon and Jenny Gibson of Tennessee and Kentucky. Gideon’s son Alexander Harmon has a parcels 8 and 9 on the map above. Another son John T. Harmon married Sarah Bennett, daughter of Noah Bennett and Lively Armstrong.

Bertie County NC Holder Deeds (Misc)

Contributed to USGenWeb by Penny Holder
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1735 Thomas Holder, from Joseph Willey deed/F/369 (I DID examine this
original deed and date is correct)
1749 Thomas Holder, to John Spring

1752 Thos. Houlder, from Thos. Ryan.deed/G/427
1758 Thomas Holder, from Wm. Wilson deed/I/120
1759 Thomas Holder, from John Spring /deed/I/363
1763 Thomas Holder, from Thomas Roades deed/K/244
1765 John Holder, from Wm. Bryant deed/K/463
1766 Elisha Holder, from Wm. Lovina deed/L/37
1769 John Holder, from Thomas Holder, Sr. deed/L/196
1769 Thomas Holder, Jr., from Thomas Holder, Sr. deed/L/196
1773 Jas. Holder, to Thomas Clark
1786 Jas. Holder et ux, to John Kittrell
1786 James Holder, from Harberd Guilman deed/N/191
1786 Elisha Holder, from David Standley deed/N/335
1796 Elisha Holder, from Thomas Holder et als, deed/R/217
1796 Susanah and Thomas Holder, to David Pruden
1797 Thomas Holder, from Micajah Bunch et als, deed/R/262

1800 Elisha Holder, fromThomas Holder et al, deed/S/271
1800 Elisha, Merina (sic Minnie) and Shadrack Holder, to Isaac Hendrixen
1800 Ezekiel, James and Thomas Holder, to Elisha Holder (I will check to
see why I did not pick this up in the Holder grantee index, although I guess
it the same as the deed at book S, page 271)

1801 Elisha and Shadrack Holder, to James Williams
1803 Shadrock Holder, from Elisha Holder, deed/S/620
1803 Aaron Holder, from Elisha Holder, deed/S/622
1803 Shadrack Holder, from Thos. Cherry, Bill of Sale/T/7
1803 Merina (Minnie?) and Shadrack Holder, to Thomas Cherry
1803 Merina (Minnie?) and Shadrack Holder, to John J. Williams, Jr.
1803 Elisha Holder, from Micajah Bunch, Bill of Sale/W/130
1809 Elisha Holder, to Jeremiah Bunch, Jr.
1810 Elisha Holder et al, to Jeremiah Bunch
1813 Thomas Holder, to James Tayloe
1823 John Holder, from Austin BUnch, deed/BB/36
1823 John Holder et als, from Nancy Bunch, deed/BB/41
1825 John Holder, from Jos. H Bryan, Bill of Sale/BB/381
1824 Shadrack Holder, from Eliz. Cherry, deed/BB/583
1825 Shadrack Holder, from Charles W. Jacobs, deed/BB/645
1827 Sally Holder, to John H. Grimes
1827 John Holder et ux, to John Williams
1829 Shadrick Holder, to Latham Thurston et als
1829 Thomas Holder, from George Miers, deed/CC/312
1829 John Holder, from Solomon Holder, deed/CC/315
1830 Isiah Holder, to Williamson Hendrixen, Trustee
1832 Josiah Holder, to James Cherry, Trustee
1833 Thomas Holder, to John Rice
1832 Isaiah Holder, to Wilie Askew
1834 Isaiah Holder, to Williamson Hendrixen, Trustee
1835 Annah Holder, to John Rice
1834 John Holder, to Abram Burden et al
1836 Isiah Holder, to Mariah WIlford

1850 Reddick Holder, to Robert Tayloe
1851 A. Holder, to George W. McGlauhon, Trustee
1851 Jethro Holder, to John L. Burden
1851 N. Holder, to Moore Rawls
1851 Money Holder et als, from Jethro M. Holder, deed/II/227
1851 Jethro M. Holder, to John L. Burden
1850 Abraham Holder, from Wm. W. Lawrence, deed/LL/12
1852 Maoney Holder et all, to Jesse H. Bunch
1855 Abraham Holder, J.R. Furguson, deed/KK/275
1855 Abram Holder, to Thomas Gregory
1856 A. Holder, Trustee, from James WInbon, Deed of Trust/LL/12
1860 A. Holder et als, to WIlliam Ferguson
1861 Docton P. Holder, to John L. Burden
1867 Holder Admr, Abram, to Levi Harden
1866 A. Holder, to Z.S. Simmons
1873 James H. Holder et us, to Whitmell H. Hughes
1875 James H. Holder, from John W. Keckstall et us, deed/PP/472
1877 Jas. H. and Winnefred Holder, to John W. Heckstall
1881 Archer E., Cullen C. and William W. Holder, to Wm. H. Lee et als
1884 James H. Holder et ux, to William Ray
1884 C.C., Archa (Archie?) E., Mollie E., Kiddie A. and W. W. Holder to
Isaac Heckstall
1885 C. C. Holder et ux, to C&RRR&L Co. (I think this is a lumber co.)
1884 Cullen C., Archa C., Molly C., Kitty A. and WIlliam W. Holder, to
A.J. Johnson
1884 A.E., Cullen C. and William W. Holder, from A.J. Johnson et ux,
Mortgage Deed/56/166
1884 Cullen C. Holder, to Wm. W. Peebles et al
1885 C.C. Holder et al, to E.D.B. Cherry
1888 C.C., A.E. & W.W. Holder Mortgs., to J.H. Burden
1890 Amanda Holder, to A.S. Rascoe
1891 Cullin C. Holder, from Wm. F. Bunch et al, Mortgage Deed/86/122
1892 James H. Holder et us, to Thos. C. Powell
1893 Jas. H> Holder, to C&RRR&L Co.
1895 Atha E. Holder, from Aaron Scull, Mortgage Deed/85/551
1895 A. E. Holder et us, to Francise D. Winston Tr.
1896 C.C. Holder, from David G. Cherry et ux, Mortgage Deed/90/299
1896 James H. Holder et ux, to H. D. Miller
1897 A.E., C.C. and W.W. Holder, to David Hassell et als
1896 C.C. Holder to David G. Cherry

Bunch, Micajah
Born 1733, son of Gideon Bunch b. abt 1715 (Gideon son of John b. abt 1695, son of Paul Bunch b. abt 1670 d. 1720s Chowan Co., NC)
1749: Tax list, Lunenburg Co., VA on William Howard’s list are Gedion Bunch and tithe Cager Bunch.
1750’s: Lived in the the Flat River community, then Granville and then 1753 Orange Co., NC: Wm Bolling 1 tithe, James Bowling 1 tithe, Gideon Bunch 2 tithes, Thomas Collins Sr. 1 tithe, Samuel Collins 1 tithe, John Collins 1 tithe, Thomas Gibson with tithes Charles Gibson and George Gibson.
1755 Orange Co. tax list: Gidean Bunch 1 tithe (mulatto); Moses Ridley 1 tithe and wife Mary (mulattoes); Thomas Collins 3 tithes (mulatto); Samuel Collins 3 tithes (mulattoes); John Collins 1 tithe (mulatto); Thomas Gibson 3 tithes (mulatto); Charles Gibson 1 tithe (mulatto); George Gibson 1 tithe (mulatto); Mager Gibson 1 tithe(mulatto)
1771 – Almost all of the men named above are on the New River area, Botetourt Co., VA (now Grayson Co., VA and Ashe Co., NC). Jack Goins includes Charles and James Sexton as among their number. Micajah Bunch is listed as living on Indian lands. His land was on Elk Creek in current day Ashe Co., NC. He is in William Herbert’s company in 1771.
1774 (Lord Dunmore’s War): Micajah was among those diverted to Capt. Looney’s company on the Clinch and did not fight at Point Pleasant . Instead he was with Capt Looney, Lieut. Daniel Boone and Lieut. John Cox guarding the Clinch frontier.
About 1804: He died
Before 1792 he moved to the Kyles Ford area of what is now Hancock Co., TN, although he was taxed as if he lived in Lee Co., VA
About 1798 he moved to Cumberland Co., KY with Roberts’s and Blevins and Rogers and later the Riddells.
In an article on William Riddell, Micajah Bunch is described as a leader among the Melungeon people.
Source: Micajer “Cager” Bunch by Jack Goins; “” Virginia DeMarce Research;

Fincastle Co., VA 1773 Delinquent Tax List
Posted on August 21, 2015
by Roberta Estes
Published in the Va Gen Soc volume 35 from 1997, pages 8-12
Fincastle County, Virginia1773 Delinquent Tax Lists, transcribed by Julia M. Case
When Fincastle County was created from Botetourt County in 1772, it included the present state of Kentucky, all of West Virginia south of the Kanawha and New rivers and Virginia west of the crest of the Blue Ridge and essentially south of present Roanoke and Craig counties. In 1777 Fincastle was divided into Montgomery, Washington and Kentucky counties. Its records were retained by Montgomery County which explains why these delinquent accounts are found among the Montgomery County delinquent lists.
Since the present state of Kentucky was a part of Fincastle County at this time, the Indian land referenced was probably in Tennessee or Ohio.
Please note that I have included all occurrences of any surname that is listed by any individual as “Indian land.”
David Collins Indian Land 1
Sam Collins Indian Land 2
Elisha Collins 1
John Collins 1
Lewis Collins 1
Ambrose Collins 1
John Collins Junr 1
George Couch Indian Land 1
Geo. Collins Indian Land 1
Cha:” Collins ditto (above says Indian land)
Micajah Bunch Indian Land 1
James Colliins 2
Please note that Fincastle County is now an extinct county. In 1776, it was abolished and became Montgomery and Washington Counties in Virginia and Kentucky County which would eventually become the state of Kentucky.

Tracking Robins/Robbins out of Wilkes Co.

Hand written note of my great grandfather written about his grandfather and siblings he could remember. Dated prior to his death in 1938. This helped link him to the Robbins in Blount Co TN.

Reuben George Robins/robbins named his oldest son John William Robbins and another son William. He had a grandson living with him named George Berry Robbins. Now that I know his father was William Berry Robins/robbins, it all makes sense.

William Berry Robins/robbins

The 1830 census of Wilkes Co shows definite family ties. I would assume this means he lived “next door”, so to speak, to his father Reuben Robins and mother Jane Turner. She is of the Turners associated with Daniel Boone and that line includes Swaim and Teague. I usually match DNA better with Turner, Swaim, Teague cousins better than I do with the Robins/Robbins so far.

It seems sometime after this 1830 census of Wilkes Co. and before the 1840 census, William Berry Robins/Robbins Sr. moved his family into Cherokee territory. The 1840 census would be pivotal to clues of where our Reuben George Robbins lived before marrying Mary McCullough and to where their eldest son John William Robbins was born. I am assuming the marriage took place in North Carolina based on the birth of their oldest son being in North Carolina according to the 1850 census of Bradley county Tennessee. Family note from my great grandfather says they were married somewhere in North Carolina as well.

The list of children at home with William and Nancy in 1840, if I could find it, would probably be; Finley, John, Reuben, Sarah, William, Jane, Thomas, Elizabeth, etc. The birth dates I have are sketchy but he could have easily have had that many children at home.

The 1840 census may be the one of the last pieces I needed to fill in for William Berry Robins/Robbins Sr. to be linked to my Reuben George Robins/Robbins of Benton Co. Ark. The 1850 census was much easier to identify William with his family, but the gap of course left unanswered questions and of course several missing children that other researchers of this Robins/robbins family knew nothing about. That is why it took me so long to piece the puzzle together.

In the 1850 census, we find William in Monroe Co. Tennessee. It is next door to the modern Cherokee county NC that was formed in 1839 out of Macon county NC, and Macon county was formed out of the western portion of Haywood county NC. Haywood county is where I have recorded that Fannie Rebecca Robbins Hicks is buried and her husband William Hicks is buried in Clay Co. NC. He was a Cherokee and it is interesting to note that part of the Qualla boundary is in Haywood County and so is part of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. This whole area was Cherokee territory at one time, and there are many sources that talk about the Cherokees that hid in the Smokey mountains during the round up for the Trail of Tears. Monroe county is just south of Blount county, TN which is closer to Haywood Co. NC. I’m sure different trails coming out of the mountains probably lands you in one of the differing counties. In the 1860 census we find William and family in Blount co. TN.

Jimmie Lee Robins believed that William and Nancy died and were buried somewhere in Blount county just like many of their children that had settled there were as well. John Robbins, his wife, his son Finley, Jane Robbins Ross and her husband John Ross, and the older brother Finley Robbins, or F.A. Robbins age 30, was killed I believe in the Civil War and mentioned in the notes of my great grandfather, are all buried in the same cemetery in Blount county.

Reuben’s oldest son John William Robbins was born in North Carolina while his next three sons were born in Tennessee; Wilson Prater Robbins, William Robbins and our 2nd great grandfather Asberry/ Asbury Curtis Robbins. William and Asberry I have born in Bradley county, Tennessee.

The pressing mystery now is figuring out what family Mary McCullough Robins belongs. She is also mentioned in the hand written note from my great grandfather George Thomas Robbins Sr.

The Two Sussanahs of the Bertie Bunch Family

It has been noticed that there are some obvious problems with identification and or the separation of the Susannah Bunches and their husband, and or husbands in Bertie county. Dates are hard to verify but it may be obvious that we are looking at two separate Susannahs; one is the daughter of Henry Bunch as he assigned in his will as Sussanah Summerlin, and secondly a possible older one being the daughter of Henry’s close neighbor and kin Paul Bunch and just maybe a sister to Henry.

I am a descendant of Sussanah Bunch and Thomas Holder, so I have a personal vested interest in delineating the difference between the Sussanahs, if there is two of them, because this could change relationships as I now currently know them.

The Susannah that many people assign as wife to first Thomas Holder and second, to Lazarus Summerlin, was supposedly born about 1735, which immediately sends up red flags. Popular dates for the births of Thomas Holder’s children all seem to be in the early 1730’s. The two oldest sons as named in the will of Thomas Holder were Thomas and John, the youngest named as Elisha. My direct lineage from Thomas Holder was through James, not named in his will, but later confirmed through several deeds with his brothers, Thomas and John. Also in his will, Thomas mentions his loving wife Sussanah. So they were not separated as one researcher suggested.

  • Thomas Holder names his wife Susannah in his will dated January 19, 1773, probated May of 1774.
  • Henry Bunch names his daughter Susannah Summerlin, wife of Lazarus Summerlin, in his will dated April 21, 1775.

John Bunch Holder, one of the eldest sons of Thomas Holder seems to be born 1731. One of my TOP three high DNA matches in GEDmatch is a John Bunch Holder descendant. She lists him being born 1730, his son born 1750, etc. Timline is good and indicative of an older Susannah, not one born in 1735.

Another clue to two clear and distinct Susannah Bunches deals with a deed naming Lazarus, Susanna and a son Wilborn dated 5 Apr 1774.

P. 131- 5 Apr 1774- Lazarus, Susanna & Winborn (son) Summerlin to Ralph Outlaw. Wit: James Sowell, Joseph Watford, Edward Outlaw, & Jeremiah Bunch Jr.

Assuming Susannah is the mother of the child mentioned in the deed on record above, it seems it would have been impossible for her to have been wedded and impregnated in time to have a son mentioned on a deed if she had also been the widow of Thomas Holder. Indications seem to show that the son mentioned, Winborn Summerlin, was born in the 1760s.

It is more apparent that we are definitely seeing two different Susannah Bunchs that are about 30 years apart in age. I do believe the logical conclusion is that my Susannah Bunch is a daughter of Paul Bunch, especially due to the mention of Thomas Holder in the will of Paul Bunch on 16th November 1726.

UPDATE: Woman of Color Shows up as White

There were some pretty slick characters back in the colonial days that figured if they accuse someone of being “black” they could get the upper hand and “cheat” that person out of life and liberty. Such was the case where the Chowanoke Robbins  were unjustly attacked. Some people tried to cheat them by saying they were mostly black and no longer entitled to reservation lands. also, my uncle/cousin Gideon Gibson when in South Carolina had some Dutch men accuse him of being black. No telling what their intentions were before the governor clarified the situation. Gideon was said to have as much reds and whites in his face as the Dutch.

Nothing has changed really. Why ancestry dot com has taken their position of stating that my Bunch family are black, in my opinion, is for the purpose of bolstering the political career of a president who needed some kind of connection to the African Americans here in the United States. In the process, this has “cheated” my Bunch family out of what is right and just. All kinds of wrong information say that we were black and turned white. This is bullshit! Since the very beginning, the Bunch have always been INDIAN. The haplotype of EM2 is not the smoking gun for not being Indian, and in the back of peoples minds, they cannot get past the black and white thing.

If you have read this blog, then you know my conclusion on the father of Susanna Bunch Holder/Holdenby, my 7th great grandmother, and may know that I highly suspect her mother to have been a Gibson. If ancestry were correct, the Bunch should of beenconsidered black in the NC state census of 1784-1787, but they weren’t. That census was just white and black, which robbed many Native Americans of their true identity.

A highlight Susanna.PNG

Susanah Holder’s household has a total of five women, white women. They are in fact tri-racially mixed but, as a daughter of Paul Bunch Sr., you would think they would be listed as black like Plecker or Heneigg has pictured them to be. Same would probably hold true with the rest of the highlighted known Indians. Jacob Bass, my 2nd cousin 7 times removed, married Mary Lassiter and was the son of Thomas Bass and Thomasine Bunch. Joseph Collins married Rachel Bunch. Cader Bass is the son of Isaac Bass and Nancy Bunch. Isaac is the son of Arthur Williams and Elizabeth Butler, Tuscarora. A younger Francis Pugh married Mary Whitmell, from the Tuscarora Thomas Whitmell. Mary Whitmell had also married a Thompson, and her Thompson sons were still on the Indian Woods reservation in the 1821. Tuscarora reduced to individual land ownership.

Bertie COUNTY NC TaxLists 1821 Capt Jesse Averitt’s Dist partial

Hezekiah THOMPSON Estate by Thoms. 2 tracts 1750ac 22 slaves
1 tract 615ac in Uneroy Marshes
1 tract 115ac join Thoms. THOMPSON et al?
1 tract 100ac Roanoak River
1 tract 200ac in Roquiss Pocoson
Wm. THOMPSON Estate by Thoms. 4 tracts 1030ac Rocoquis Pocoson
1 tract 1222ac in Uneroy Marshes
1 tract 220ac in Uneroy Marshes
1 tract 115ac on Road to Antony’s Ferry
1 tract 120ac in Piney Woods
1 tract ??ac in Piney Woods
1 tract 500ac in Indian Woods
Thomas THOMPSON 6 tracts 25 slaves
1 tract 160ac in Indian Woods
1 tract 376ac on Village Swamp
1 tract 150ac in Uneroy Marshes
1 tract 250ac Turners and Road
1 tract 40ac on Flag Run

Benjamin VICK 1 free 1 slave
Thomas VEALE 1 free 1 slave
1 tract 300ac joins John RUFFIN

The Vick shown is haplotype QM242, and is my Robbins side of the family.

A Bertie census with Castelow.PNG

John Moore listed is likely the husband of Prudence Holder, granddaughter of Susannah Bunch Holder, and are my 5th great grandparents that by the 1790 census had moved to Johnston county with my Bryan, Powell, and Gardner. John Moore’s father’s will in Johnston Co was written by Needham Bryant Jr. Arthur Williams, son of Arthur Williams and Elizabeth Butler, Tuscarora. John Castelow/Castellaw married Martha Butler, Tuscarora.

With several Indians identified and listed as white on the state census, and even identified on the Indian Woods still, I think we can conclude that the paper genocide was in full force. We can also conclude that the Bunch did not look black, and cannot be white so we must say that they were indeed INDIAN as oral tradition and written testimony from eye witnesses confirms. No more of this Black turned white, in regards to racial categories. An Indian is an Indian, no matter what the skin color may be!